Email Options - Bounces and Standard Emails



After upgrading to Xf2.2, I realized I had no bounce email setup. So I created a noreply@website id and set it up.

In my email options, I have the following:

Default email address: admin@website
Contact email address: admin@website

Email Transport method is configured with the above id.

Bounced email address : noreply@website
Unsubscribe email address: noreply@website

Automated bounced email handler & Automated unsubscribe email handler is configured with the noreply id.

Ever since I set this up, I have been getting bounce emails only to admin@website and not to this noreply id.

In order to manage the bounces, I changed the setting to admin@website and all my emails got removed and they are now in the email bounce log.
Now I changed it back to noreply@website

But it's not triggering anything. All emails are still coming to the default id.

I double checked the passwords and it's all good. No error logs too.


This is my setup. I still do not see any bounce emails at the noreply id.
All emails are still coming to the main contact email address :(



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Have you tried the tick box underneath Bounced Email Address? Its narrative seems highly related.


I did not do that.

But I noticed it is working fine now. I get the occasional bounce emails to the main account but I see activity happening on the bounce log. So for whatever reason it did not work before and now it is working as it should be.