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Floyd R Turbo

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On this and another XF forum I'm a member of, when I get a notification, it is just that - no content.

On many other forums, the notifications of a PM or a post on a subscribed/watched thread will come through with the content of the message as part of the e-mail. I'm assuming that there is an option to allow this or not but I can't find it. Is this an option in XF?

Also, on a few forums I will receive notification of a post made since my last visit, but no further notices on posts to that particular thread until I re-visit the site. Yet others will send a notification for every single post on a subscribed/watched/followed thread. Is there a way to either set this type of preference? Can it be an individual user preference, or does it have to be a site-wide function, one way or the other?



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The content within a message is an option in XF.

Notices are only sent out for subscribed threads if there hasn't been another notification (so you aren't filled with messages). There is no option to modify this without an add-on.

Floyd R Turbo

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Thanks! Where is the option to send the content of a post along with the notification, is that on the admin side?

If so, and if it is turned on, can one change their personal settings to either include or exclude content?


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It's the admin's choice. Admins often either disable it to prevent confusion or to ensure that you do actually come back to the forum.

Floyd R Turbo

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What I'm looking at doing is mimicking current functionality, which is a notification for every message. Ideally, I would like the user to have the option to opt out of this and only get one notification prior to the next visit to the site.

Are there add-ons that can make such functionality possible, or is that one that can be easily coded?