XF 1.1 Email bounce?


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I am getting an odd notification apparently from hotmail.

from: dmarcrep@microsoft.com
to: postmaster@housemorgain.co.uk
Subject: Report Domain: MYSITE.co.uk Submitter: hotmail.com Report-ID: <798143f327fd44f59753115af3f797fa@hotmail.com>

Body of email is blank
Attachment: hotmail.com!MYSITE.co.uk!1370829600!1370916000.zip

These emails are coming through my host server account.
They are
at the email I use for my XF forum on that domain.
I checked to see if dmarcrep@microsoft.com is one of my members and got no results.
But the notification arrives when there is a post on a forum which has a lot of notifications on it - like an announcements forum.
Maybe it's nothing to do with XF? But if so I need to know to check further.

I googled dmarcrep@microsoft.com and it does throw up results but it's in geek talk -( the discussion messages use dmarcrep AT microsoft.com. )
Doesn't seem to mention a spam or con email.

I'd mark it as spam but worried about my forum notification emails to my members being blacklisted by microsoft.