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Hey guys I'm Austin aka Kirk_and_Dude and I have been working for EGZ for some time now and we just opened up our new forum with this software and we would love some feedback and tips from anyone willing to be so. (Please note there are not many users on the forums ATM but we hope to see it become more activate soon) Website URL: http://www.elitegamezone.com


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You should really look into customizing your theme, it looks to similar to the default Xenforo theme at the moment to be honest.
Otherwise, it looks like you are off to a descent start. Just fine tune things, and polish her up.

Maybe can become affiliate sites sometime later down the road ;)


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I ought to be able to tell by the theme of the site what it is about it. If it didn't explicitly say "gaming" I'd have no idea what the site is about. It's a xf forum so it's not all bad. ;) But Wing is right, it needs some style, some design to it.