Lack of interest Efficiently Managing Add-ons by Simplifying the Interface

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Neutral Singh

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Right now, when we install an add-on, it is tedious to find the css, templates, phrases, files, classes connected with the add-on and not so savvy are at a mercy of add-on owner to tell us which files/classes/templates/phrases are where? I think, we can do much better than this, we should be able to control the various aspects of the add-on right there and then.

These options can be entered by the add-on owner in the already provided input fields while creating the add-on or these can be generated automatically by parsing the add-on files/templates.

In 2.x or even in 1.x, I would like see, everything on the one screen:

Home > Options >
Location 1 [CSS][Templates][Phrases][Classes][Files][+ Add Option] [Display Order] [Edit Group]

Add-on Name


or Location 2
Related CSS templates/files:

Related Templates:

Related Phrases:

Related Classes:

Related Files:

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