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  1. Neutral Singh

    Lack of interest Efficiently Managing Add-ons by Simplifying the Interface

    Right now, when we install an add-on, it is tedious to find the css, templates, phrases, files, classes connected with the add-on and not so savvy are at a mercy of add-on owner to tell us which files/classes/templates/phrases are where? I think, we can do much better than this, we should be...
  2. arcab4

    RM 1.2 Possible To Add AD code To The Description Box?

    hi there, when i add a new resource and in the description box, i'd like to show a specific ad per resource so it shows up under the description when viewed. i simply pasted a javascript code and it doesn't parse it and just display the code. is what i want to do possible? i'm guessing in the...