XF 1.3 Educational paid courses and members forum.

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Hi XenForo Community.

Im new to XenForo, but Im a WebDesigner with some experience at hacking php together, mainly wordpress and drupal. My current project has lead me to buy a XenForo license under he belief that the forum software would provide the members community experience I feel the education academy (im building) requires.

I would normally install Wordpress, add some paid membership manager like aMember Pro, and limit content accordingly. Perhaps slot a forum plugin like Vanilla embedded into a page. BUT, I want people to stay with the academy after the training and use the forum as a day-to-day resource.

Also I would like instructors to be able to create and add to there content, which sounds like a forum. Allowing them to sell access to their subject node then adding more forums and threads to engage their students.

From reading Im lead to believe that the bridges installed into Wordpress allow XenForo to create a user and then XenForo manages the user, login, logout and profile. Which means that all the lovely paid membership plugins for wordpress would not work. I see that xenforo already comes with upgrade membership which can be configured to use paypal. Are the registration and upgrade forms easily configurable, content, terms and conditions....

On top of that templates and theming would need to balance the two application. Which leads me to think, that perhaps XenForo could supply the pages and membership restrictions I normally use in Wordpress (perhaps replace wordpress). I notice that pages can be used in such a way as to make a CMS, not sure if it would be crude or not. Im sure you have more experience with this.

I read a few articles that said that they would use Wordpress and then stick members into the forum, making XenForo manage the comments on the Wordpress site. Is this the better approach, if so, what plugins and configurations would you recommend?

Thanks for reading my post, I look forward to your valuable advice.
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