XF 1.5 Editting the Navbar and adding custom pages?


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Hey there xenforo users! I decided to purchase xenforo today. After some trouble with paypal having a malfunction i got the transaction done later and my license was ready to go!
After installing alot add-ons/widgets i do come across some things i cant yet quite figure out, so here we go.

Please take a look at my current site as my goal is to kind of replicate that site:

I would like to create new buttons to the navbar on top, and have it include custom pages. For example a advanced contact form, and a "About Us" page. Also a Facebook page.
How would i implement this?


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@Russ and everyone else: these plugins allow me to edit the navbar wich is great, but they require a link. How can i make a total new page on xenforo to link to?
With fresh content i can decide by html or so?


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Click on the Permissions link on the right hand side in the node tree.

From there you can set the user group permissions.