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XF 1.4 Editor without pep :(


I was searching for customizations for the default Editor used for Posts in Xenforo V1.4.
But I didn`t find anything :eek:

From my Forum users (mostly using vB or SMF) I got the reply
I have never used such a colorless poor looking editor - hard to find funcions
And the feedbacks are ok from my point of view.
When being new to Xenforo I was searching long time for the QUOTE Icon :whistle:
Nowhere else it is hidden like here in the Insert Section - its always a single Icon.

So my questions.
  • Is it possible to rearange the Icons?
  • Are there colorful Icon modifications available? (Colorful Main SmilyIcon, Colorpicker,...)
  • Is it possible to change the background color of the sections the Icons are grouped in?
I am happy for any help!