Partial fix Editor List problems


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1) Create a multi line text in local
2) Copy that list inside the RTE editor
3) Apply a list
=> Only the first element is listed. I can't create a list with others even if I click again on the list button.

Tested with FF.


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With a double click it now works or just need to paste, then reformat the list with a carriage return (like in Xen 1.1.x). I guess it's fixed now.


Bug confirmed in Firefox 21.0 - Win7.

Triple clicking on the list button works.
I can see that when you paste the list from Notepad to Redactor it automatically adds a new blank line at the end of the text. Don't know if a bug or as designed.


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In general, this is fixed though only partially. It does clean up when pasting from a plain text input or what appears to be plain text.

I notice that if I ctrl+a in FF, I still get the same behavior (though that did happen in 1.1 as well). However, manually highlighting the list elements is works correctly now.

So, partially fixed.