Cannot reproduce  Editor does not work with Safari 3.0.4

Rigel Kentaurus

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The TinyMCE editor does not seem to work with Safari 3.0.4
Plus, I did not find a way to disable the editor, either at the user preferences, or at the admincp

Rigel Kentaurus

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Why would you want to disable the editor?
For the users that refuse to upgrade their browser for whatever reason, I just asked them to use the default textarea instead of the full editor (that way they could still post).

I also think that is a nice compromise from making it work with a hundred versions of browsers that the developers are not willing to test against (especially very old ones).


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Aha, so you didn't mean disable the editor altogether.
You meant disable the WYSIWYG editor and only have the plain text editor available.

Hence my confusion.

Rigel Kentaurus

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Using Safari 3.04 is like someone using IE6.

That's just odd.
For the record, I do not use Safari 3.0.4
Some of my users do. They report the issues to me, I replicate and validate them, then post them here.

I do not think my job is evangelizing my users and helping them into upgrading their browsers. Mostly, because it would be an impossible and/or fulltime thing. My job is to make sure the forum works for them.

Some solutions for me are disabling the advanced editor, or detecting useragent and displaying a prominent message that says "your browser is not supported" or something else. Giving the appearance that something works then doesn't is not a good user experience, either make it work, or display a message saying that it doesn't and why.


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I'm trying Safari 3.0.4 on Windows, and the editor seems to work. Though I seem to have issues with other JS that I'm still trying to track down. I can use quick reply without an issue, though submitting it doesn't show the post unless I do a refresh. Is that the behavior your actually saw?