Browser issue Editor BBCode Switching Cuts Text

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Anthony Parsons

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If you create a new thread with the quick thread create, and if bbcode editor is OFF, then you enable it during this process, everything you write after enabling it is lost when posting. It only happens switching from plain to bbcode, not the other way round. See video (yes, I tested this with addons disabled too):



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Did you test it with the default style?

Which browser? <-- ALL before this was without BBCode active

I just tried it on the default style with Firefox and had no problems. <-- This with BBCode active

Anthony Parsons

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Good point.

Tried with all addons disabled, and enabled, on default style, same issue.

Using Safari, latest OSX as of today.

You must have the bbcode disabled when you start, write something, enable it, the cursor goes back to the start, then everything after that you enter, won't show on submit. Super weird.