Editing template for specific member


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There is.

How can I show content to a specific member?
<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id} == x">
This content will show to member x
Worth searching on member Brogan - check his signature for the Manual, FAQ etc.
I got this for you from his Conditionals section.


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Sorry, I said that wrong. What I mean is, I want to edit the profile for a specific member. It only applies for that member and it shows to everybody else.


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The profile is member_view template.
Use the conditional if you want only that member to see it.

There may be an
other way also to inherit the condition from the profile page but I think this will work.


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Agreed. I cannot imagine why information is not accessible to the member.
It can be useful to have a private note for the admin, even mods. But to display something to all members? Someone will tell the member concerned so what is the point?


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OK understood now.

The profile is member_view template. As I already said. That edits all profile pages.
member_view.css edits stuff like colours.,
Experiment with the css one at a time on the css page. It will show on a tab beside the main template.
Change one item to a totally unusual colour for your site if you're not sure what you're changing. ;) Then it will show up easily.

I suggest you post a new question in
Styling and Customization Questions

Ask how to use a conditional show selected colours on your own Profile page, but not on others.
That will avoid misunderstanding.
It may be useful to copy the member_view.css and make a duplicate perhaps member_view_me.css
Then you could bracket the whole of the content area in a conditional which works this css.

I'm not quite able to do the conditional either, sorry but I can see it could be done.
The conditional might work off the title line at the top of member_view
to link to the alternate css if the user ID is yours. Something like that.