MG 2.1 Media Gallery - Show to specific members not working

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help please?

I have the Xenforo Media Gallery installed, and I'm trying to allow people to create private galleries and only share them with people that they choose to.
I've created a personal album and then set the settings of the album to "Specific Members" so that only chosen members can view.
However, when I set this, the person who is added as a specific member is not notified and when I recheck the list of members who can view the album, it's empty.

Firstly, am I supposed to add people by using the "@" symbol before their username?
Secondly, is it supposed to send a notification to the user that has been added to view the gallery?
Lastly, I've checked all of the permissions in the user groups and it doesn't seem to make any difference. They all seem to be correct to me, but is there a specific setting that needs to be turned on or off to get this to work properly?


It seems to now be working. I don't need to use the @ tag, I can just type the user's name and it shows in the list.
The issue I have now is that once I grant the user permission to view the private gallery, I can't remove the permission again to stop them seeing it...

Does anyone know if that is possible?

And I think I've just realised the reason it wouldn't revoke the permission.

Basically, if you only are sharing a gallery with 1 person, you can't revoke that permission unless you change the gallery to "album owner only".

If you have a list of people and remove one of them, only that one permission is removed, and the rest remain viewable.