XF 1.1 Edit Time Limit Permission Calculation


I'm working on setting up a new forum, and I'm running into some questions on Xenforo's permission system. I think I get the gist of the the thing and I've set up my Registered users with a base-line set of permissions, and then additional user groups with permissions that get 'added' to the baseline. So everyone on the forum is a member of 'Registered', and then other groups get added or removed according to what additional permissions I want them to have. However, I'm not understanding how the time limits, size limits, and recipient limits work in this environment.

E.G. I have my 'Registered' group set to an edit time limit of 30 minutes. I want EVERYONE to respect this 30 minute time limit, up to and including Admin. Do I have to manually set the time limit to 30 minutes in every group? If I set it to 0, does that turn it off for that group, or does setting it to 'unlimited' do that? What if I have 'Registered' users set to 30 minutes, 'Trusted Users' set to 60 minutes, and Admin set to 'unlimited', then make a user a member of all three groups? Which setting wins?
The highest setting wins.

If your registered group has a 30 minute editing time limit, set all other groups to 0 unless you want any other group to have a longer editing time, in which case set that group's editing time to a higher number.

Do note that moderators/admins who are given the permission "Edit post by anyone" will have unlimited time to edit their own posts as well as those from others ie this overrides the "Edit post by self" permission.
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