Lack of interest Edit there where you view it!

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Quite honestly I have no idea what you are asking most of the time.

Your posts/questions are spread throughout the various forums - styling, support, development, add-on requests, suggestions and it's not clear what type of support you are asking for each time.

Are you asking for help with developing add-ons and custom solutions?
Or styling assistance?
Or is this post intended to be a genuine suggestion?
In which case you need to clarify what the actual suggestion is, instead of linking to a post which was posted in the development forum but is actually requesting an add-on.
Sometimes i have a question, sometimes i think you should change something in xf, sometimes i ask for an existing addon or for someone who codes an addon.

The request "edit where you view it!" should be a rule everywhere in xf.
You care for that rule almost everywhere, but not at the profiles.

Imagine a post in thread with something you want to edit.
Now you click at least three times to find finally a form, where you can edit your post in a thread. Then you click back to that thread to watch your post.

Just this happens if you read your profile and want to change something ...

So my request to xf is: edit where you view it!

Also i have asekd if there is an addon for this function, but i think it should be a part of XF.
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