XF 1.5 Edit same template twice


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I am trying to create an addon by using TMS.
My issue is I have to modify the same template twice.
I don't understand how to get both of the edited templates working at the same time.
I adjusted the execution order, but no luck.

Or I would like to know if I could make both edits to the one template and be able to make the option call(s) I need?
Any Help is Much Appreciate...
As above an example would help. If its hooking the same point you are putting the character in to make sure whatever line you are hooking off exists after the fact right? Was something like $0, not sure off the top of my head.
Making 2 Template Modifications is possible, but without detail of what you're trying to achieve there isn't much we can do.

I am trying to acheive turning all my template edits into addons to be able to turn them on and off.
I have followed this guide here to make the template edits using TMS.
I get to the Navigation_Visitor_Tab edits, and that when the two Navigation_Visitor_Tab template edits dont work together.

I am creating the addons with a on/off option so I must use a <xen:if is="{xen:property MY OPTION CALL}"> on each edit.
Without using the option call on the edits, it works great, but I need an on/off option.

Any Help is much appreciated!
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