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Fixed Edit Post blur buttons


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This is pretty much an internal browser issue that'd be literally impossible to work around. I've been seeing some blurred text on various sites since one of the third-point releases of Firefox 36 was released, though it goes away within a second or two after you start moving your cursor around the site and scrolling.

You could try disabling hardware acceleration.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I can't reproduce this either. If it suddenly started looking fine, that would imply a browser/rendering issue as nothing has changed today.

Luke F

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I've just seen this happen on FF 37.0.1 on windows. Also after clicking the 'save changes' button, the text turned white

Definitely appears to be a browser issue, as lowering the font size to the point where the width of the text on the broken buttons matches the cancel button makes them appear correctly. Additionally raising the font size of the cancel button to 15px or more breaks it as well.


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I have seen this at my own XF-installation and now I am also seeing this here at xf.com

The color of the "text" of some buttons has changed during the last few weeks.
Seems to me this is some issue or a change to Firefox-browser ?

I am using FF 37.0.1



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On my FF (same version as yours) it momentarily appears like that, but not for even a second... just enough to notice that it loads up.

Edit: On Chrome, I don't see the buttons load, it just pops up fully loaded.


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I was able to reproduce it on my laptop the other day, and now that Firefox has updated to 37.0.1 on my desktop, I can reproduce it here as well.

It's not a big deal, though, personally.



XenForo developer
Staff member
I can reproduce this now, but only with hardware acceleration on. It is indeed caused by the text-shadow or the border-radius (removing either fixes it). It does also fix itself in some cases.

This is pretty clearly a browser issue, but I don't know if we should try working around it (which would remove the text-shadow as it's not fundamental anyway).


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If the text shadow is set to inherit and the text shadow is applied to the parent, this issue doesn't occur :) Tested on Firefox Developer Edition x64