XF 1.3 E-Mails from Contact-Formular from own Address


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at the moment when s.o. tries to use the contact-Formular,
the server will try to send it via the mail specified in the contact-Formular, right?
(or at least set the mail in the from-tag)

i'm using an external SMTP-Server, which is a bit strict.
It will reject mails that are sent from another mail-address as the ones you specified in the SMTP-Login.

is there a way to change this on xenforo?
or do i have to open up my Mail-Server?

As for now - i haven't upgraded to 1.4 and can't use the bounce-back-functionality.
or does there exist a plugin for 1.3 which i haven't seen?

1.4 changes the technical approach here to send "from" the default email address and use a Reply-To header to change who it goes to when you click reply. That should help. (1.3 uses a Sender header with From being the user's email.)
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