E-mail sending questions.

I've looked around the forums and around the net for quite some time trying to get this last part of my website completed. This part is to have an e-mail such as support@craftgasm.net where it will send out the automated account activation emails, watched threads / messages, etc.

I don't understand how to do this at all. I've looked at the manual and tried to figure it out without contacting the forums, but I just cant't. My main question is, by using the default mail server, how do I create an e-mail (support@craftgasm.net) and link that e-mail to the Xenforo built in mail server? Because from my understanding the default should work properly on its own(I have a buddy of mine who had it just works). I'm just having difficulty with this, and I would much rather not use a provider like google or an SMTP host since they limit you fairly badly. I will be having a large mass of people on this website.


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Just create the email address in your hosting control panel and then enter it at ACP > Home > Options > Email Options
Well if I don't link the email to anything how does it know how to talk to that default mail server? And if I could just talk to the email address, that means I could essentially take any email address I wanted that was valid and send mail from it. So, I feel as though there must be another step to this.


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I believe the default system uses PHP to send emails and I don't fully understand how it works but it doesn't actually use that email address to send the message, it just states that the message is from that address.

You can set it up to use SMTP if you want though in which case you would need to supply credentials for it to connect..
Well here is my options:
Here are my MX records:
And my E-Mail is setup:

I'm just stumped since I have no idea how to do this, nor do I have any experience with mail services. I'm running the website off CentOS using Apache so it is self hosted. Can you think of anything I may be missing or could possibly direct me to someone or something to assist me further on this? Would be great.


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Try to send a test email to that address and visa-versa. If it works, then you shouldn't need to do anything... I suppose.


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You can send "from" any email address you like, e.g. you could mark it as from theboss@google.com. The "from" address only comes from headers it doesn't mean it really came from there. MX records are for receiving email, XenForo only sends email it doesn't receive, so you don't need them set-up.