XF 1.4 E-mail issues: temporary failures, etc

Floyd R Turbo

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I have one nagging issue I am trying to get to the bottom of related to emails that are being sent from the forum.

Running on a VPS, WHM/cPanel, hosted on GoDaddy (reserve comments, I had no choice, inherited it)

Outgoing emails will get hung up in the WHM Mail Queue occasionally. I can see the Tapatalk alert pop up on my phone, and go to the forum on my desktop and see the response. The e-mail will take a random amount of time to make it through. 4, 5, 8, 12, 20 minutes, no pattern. I can force the queue but I would be monitoring it all day long.

bounce handler is configured and working

This makes me wonder, is it related to my ACP email settings? For email transport method, I am just using the default method with the -f parameter box checked. Should I instead be using the SMTP method?

Floyd R Turbo

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I SSHd into my server and ran

exigrep failure /var/log/exim_mainlog
And I get all kinds of these, the error always looks like this (info redacted)

2015-08-10 09:11:36 ******-******-** <= bounce+********+user=email.com@forum.org U=cpanelusername P=local S=***** id=***************************@www.forum.org T="Topic Name- New thread in watched forum" for user@email.com
2015-08-10 09:11:41 ******-******-** == user@email.com <user@email.com> R=send_to_smart_host T=remote_smtp defer (-45) H=dedrelay.where.secureserver.net [ip address]: SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM:<bounce+********+user=email.com@forum.org> SIZE=13244: 452 4.1.0 ... temporary failure


XenForo developer
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That's an issue on the receiving side, not the sending side. It might be down to you sending too much email to them so they think it's spam or it could legitimately be a problem. (I suppose it could be something like greylisting, though I'm not sure people whether actually do that much any more...)

Liam W

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I suppose it could be something like greylisting, though I'm not sure people whether actually do that much any more...)
Wasn't that recently added to WHM? Anyway, people still do - I had a log message saying it specifically...


Floyd R Turbo

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I don't think this is XF related after all. I found a few log entries for incoming messages to a "board@" email address that gets forwarded to individuals from the server that had the same error.

As far as grey listing or any spam issues on the recipient end, doubtful because my email is one that I own the domain, and I don't have any spam filters going that would cause the issue