Add-on Dyslexie Font

Axel B

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There is a Font which makes it easier for Dyslectic to read stuff. See

I'm not sure if this is very difficult to build, but perhaps it is nice to create an addon which switches the Font in a UI to DyslexieFont ON / OFF. This would make any forum more accessible for dyslectic people.


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You may want to consider Open Dyslexic font instead. It's based on a similar concept as Dyslexie, but it's free.

The Dyslexie web license goes from 99€ for up to 500 pageviews/month to 249€ for up to 10,000 pageviews/month. It uses Cufon, which can make text hard to select for copying, and I've read that it causes problems for people who use screen readers. I think Dyslexie would be better suited for print use.