As designed During add-on install/upgrade, event listener callbacks that are disabled are still checked

Chris D

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Although it is true that the method no longer exists, it's for that very reason I had the event listener set to be disabled when the add-on was exported:

Rich (BB code):
<listener event_id="front_controller_post_view" execute_order="10" callback_class="AddOn_Listener" callback_method="frontControllerPostView" active="0" hint="" description=""/>
I don't recall the same behaviour occurring before, so I believe this to be a bug introduced by the new Class helper introduced in XenForo 1.3.


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I just tested this behavior in 1.2 and it's the same. I don't think any other behavior makes sense to be honest. In general, the ability to disable something comes with the expectation that it can be re-enabled. A callback that calls a non-valid method wouldn't qualify. (Yes, I know files could change underneath the callback, but I'm not talking about that case.)