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From time to time there is a duplicated post appear (1.jpg). When I choose to delete 1 of them, both of them are deleted (2.jpg). When I press button "show deleted post", it appears there is only 1 post that was deleted (3.jpg). Then I press "undelete" and the post is restored (4.jpg) and the duplicated post is gone.
Is this issue connected to Xenforo itself or is it an improper behavior of [WMTech] Double Post Merge plugin?


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Chris D

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I would recommend attempting to see if the issue could be reproduced without that add on enabled.

The content of the two posts seems to be different which makes it seem to me like it could be related to an add on.

The only double post issue I am aware of is one that is currently a bug report which is basically a very rare issue and isn't consistent with this and there are sporadic reports of actual double posts and these usually relate to poor connection issues.