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Drift from Audentio Design

Daniel Thomann

Active member
Woderful to see the process. Thanks for keeping us up to date :)
I like it really. As soon as it's released, I'll buy it and customize it where it's needed for the following addons:
XenAtendo, XenCarta, XenMedio, XenPorta, TagiaChat, LN Blog, XenFacil Footer and MemberMap :)

If any additions needed I'll share / discuss them here.

Mike C

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Okay here is the last preview before I release this. The blue bar is something controlled via style properties. You have a lot of control there, even for novice users. You can put a banner of anything here.

If anyone has any suggestions or concerns, please let me know, otherwise I have very little left to do before I release.

Also, due to the popularity of the light version, I've decided to hold off on the dark version until the light version has been tried, tested, and proven to be a final product. Making this dark is going to require a lot of work that I do not want to do unless we can be certain it is stable on all sorts of boards. That said, expect the dark to be released only a week or two (I've already started), after light is released. Anyone who buys light will be guaranteed dark.



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Daniel Thomann

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I vote for a heart smilie ^^ - it's really cool and I'm looking forward. Thanks for the update & the focus on the white style :D

Edit: oh and by the way... thanks for the preview in white/blue... this is just what I want to do (except a small modifications to make it unique - of course :D)...

Mike C

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Did Drift Dark every released?

Yes it was, it is packaged with Drift Light. You can see a demo here. I am currently fine tuning all the products based on input from the community to make them better. Drift Dark has a few places where it is somewhat too dark, and I am working on those now. But it is still an awesome, stable product, I just want to perfect it.