XF 1.4 Downside to using hundreds or thousands of prefixes?

Joe Link

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We're considering using prefixes to organize our yearly house and senate bills. Each bill would get it's own prefix, such as Oregon SB123. Once the year was over we would create a new group and disable permissions for the previous year, but leave it for reference purposes.

My concern is that each year we'll be adding 30-60 prefixes. Because we want to keep them for reference, these are going to add up year after year. I'm thinking that will be fine, but I don't know enough about the system to be certain.

Is there any technical reason we shouldn't do this?

Mike Edge

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Yes, would be fine. You might consider @Daniel Hood 's multi prefix add on too. Then you could add extra prefixs like "passed" "rejected" to the same thread title also.

Daniel Hood

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I think performance wise you will be fine. A cosmetic issue might come up when you have so many prefixes in areas where they're all listed (examples being advanced search where you can search by prefix, each nodes "display options" where you can select a prefix, etc).


XenForo developer
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Hmm, not sure how I missed this.

There is an overhead to additional prefixes, as we make data about all possible prefixes available globally for speed. It'll be a much smaller overhead than an additional forum though.

As noted, there are places where all prefixes are listed so there may be some visual "overload" and more work will need to be done to verify that they're usable (but again, less than an additional forum).

So I don't think it's really a deal breaker. You could consider temporarily creating a load of prefixes to see if the issues are significant to you.