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Hi, actually playing with the ResourceManager.

I'm at the beginning of writing my own plugin :). But I think it will be a simpler version that covers my use case (no Subcategories, all Downloads are Links)
Hi, i think that makes no sense, because it is coded very ugly (have to run only once) and fits only my needs (only links as downloads, no nested categories,...). So it will be for almost all pretty unusable. I'm in the process of migrating my community and have the next weeks (probably month) to do coding the plugins i need.
Due to popular demand: Here is my Importer for Downloads2 fromvBulletin

But beware:
  • you can only import links and no files, beacause my downloads on vbulletin downloads 2 where links to another downloadserver. the importer can not move files or integrate them to xenforo attachments.
  • the other problem i had due to dirty programming was runtime errors because i have done everey import in one big step. i think you need programming knowledge to get it all run.
  • make Backups before!
  • i don't give any guarantees and do not support it
My resources still running fine:


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