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Hey welcome to the site...

It is a fair way away from download yet what you see is still an early alpha version. However knowing how fast Kier and Mike are I guess we will get a version to play with in a few weeks.

It is going to be a Commercial product.


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From what I understand it will be for purchase and this is only the alpha stage so you might have to wait a little while :)
The speed of light is the highest speed anything can attain :)

They broke the sound barrier 23.6 hours ago and are approaching light speed. Once they exceed the speed of light then it is not unreasonable to expect it to be released 2 - 3 weeks ago.:confused:

Go guys! Code faster!!! :cool:

Chris M

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I just hope that they at least select a few community members to "test" out a Beta version if not release a publically downloadable beta.


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The speed of light is the highest speed anything can attain :)
Technically, :)

But.... RF energy travelling in a wave guide travels slightly faster than the speed of light, due to bending. As a RaDAR tech, this was one of our required preventative maintenance checks. :)