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As designed Download Size is not being displayed

Affected version
Current version on xenforo.com


Well-known member
On XF 1.5, Resource Manager did display the size of the download - this does not seem to be the case on XF 2 (at least it is not being displayed here).


XenForo developer
Staff member
This has been intentionally removed. It's not overly helpful, there isn't really a great space for it with how our styling works, and it doesn't make sense when a resource has multiple files. (Oooh, sneaky reveal of a new feature! ;))


Well-known member
That's sad.

It was interesting information for me, somewhat like a bloat filter (eg. if a simple Add-on hat a large size I usually didn't even consider downloading).

Maybe you guys can find a great new place do display filesizes in the future :)