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I’d like to know if anyone here has used DFP and believes it’s worth using. I use three ad vendors, and two of them are down 80% compared to 2016.

I have a couple more questions, but I figured I’d start with asking for an overall impression.


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DFP is basically AdSense and AdSense also tends to go down each month. It is not easy to live from ad revenue in these times with mobile majority, ad-blockers and price sensitive advertisers...


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Any suggestions for vendors? My Adsense ads are still doing fine, but OpenX has crashed, and I’m looking for a couple alternatives.


I use DFP and have been very happy with the results. I use it for direct paid ads and back fill with adsence.

I also use adsense directly. The biggest advantage to using DFP and Adsense is that you can show more than 3 ads of the same type but I have recently changed my strategy a bit on that. I currently have 4 slots with DFP. 1 header, 2 sidebar, 1 footer. I then use adsense responsive text ads 1 header, 1 after first post, 1 footer and 1 300x250 in another location.

Guest see the most ads (they are the money makers :) ), regular members see a few less, donating members do see any ads. This strategy has worked very well for my but has taken a few years of fine tuning.
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