Double usernames on import?

Black Tiger

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I'm going to get a Xenforo license, so cannot post in other forums yet.
But since we heard we can import multiple forums, this could be of influence to buy the license a lot faster then planned.

The admin of the second forum however pointed out something very important.

We might want to migrate 2 forums, with kind of the same topic. Due to this fact, on both forums there are several users with the same username including myself.
So what happens when we start importing the second forum and the importer encounters already existing usernames like mine?
And more importantly... what happens to the post of these users when importing?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
While importing users if duplicate users are found, they can either be automatically merged based on email and username or you can choose which action to take for each.

If you choose not to merge, you can instead opt to use different names/email addresses for the duplicate users.

I presume merging is best for your use case.

In this case the content which was originally by the two "different" users on the different forums will be attributed to the newly merged single user.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We bring over the original forum’s password hash and authenticate using the same logic as the original software so the existing passwords should work fine. We then upgrade them to a more secure password hash when they first log in.