RM 1.1 Double Use of RM


Nelson T.

I'm using RM as a downloads manager for files users want to download. I changed the labels accordingly.

Someone has produced an addon that uses RM to make a store/cart system. I assume I cannot use this, as I am already using RM for downloads. Correct? Or can I use it for something else also at the same time?

Nelson T.

I assume that, unless you buy RM twice, and can run two iterances of it at once, you cannot use it twice for two different purposes.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Out of the box, the RM can only be installed once per installation.

There may be an add-on which allows for multiple installations, which coupled with the other add-on may provide the functionality you want.
You will need to check with both add-on authors to confirm if they will work together.