XF 1.1 Don't know where to start!

Hi everyone!
I just purchased xenforo today and need some guidance.

My situation right now is I need to migrate from a vbulletin 4.0.2 installation to the latest xenforo.
This seems to be the best importer from vbulletin available at the moment:
Is this correct?

It seems to import everything I require except for one thing. I have a custom database field in my "user" table for a virtual currency and I absolutely must be able to bring it over. Is there a proper way to go about doing this? If it helps any the mod for vbulletin is called uCash. Also, can anyone suggest a decent virtual currency mod? One that is only for the currency itself if possible, for people who plan to use their own shop systems with them.

The other thing is, I've never done a migration from one platform to another before. I've been using vbulletin since 2005 and don't know anything outside of that world. The steps to take to install xenforo and then import the data is standard enough but obviously that's not all there is to it. There's all the configurations, themes and customization/mods.

I need to be able to minimize downtime. I'm going to do the migration itself on my local machine using a database copy, since I have much more system resources here and it should go faster (ssd with some other crazy specs), and since I have only 700k posts and keep my database clean I doubt that it will take too long.

What I am worried about is configuration. Am I going to have to wait until after the data import to configure everything, install mods and so on? Or can I take my time doing that, get it just right, and then import, do some tests and go live again?

Thanks a lot!


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You will need to customise the importer for the custom field you have in the table.

As far as importing, testing and configuring are concerned, install XenForo, configure it to your liking, including installing add-ons, creating the style, etc. and then take a backup.

You can then import and restore the backup as many times as you like until you're ready to do it the final time.