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XF 1.5 Don't know where to post

Sorry, I don't know what catigory this goes in.

So I am trying to install the add-on UI.X using this guide. I am not sure if I am supposed to run the files throught filezilla to the public_html or Public_html/Xenforo or Public_html/Xenforo/Library I just have no idea. Also to add on, I have 2 things in my folder; the upload folder and the .xml do I put the whole upload folder in or put septerate things in sperate things? I am super confused! Help!


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In general, you upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to where XF is installed.

However, it's best to ask in the dedicated thread for any third party add-ons and styles, as they may have specific requirements.
So probably just Public_html/Xenforo @Brogan ? Sorry for tagging you, but I want to try to do this tonight, and you're the only one who has answered my other messages :/
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