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I own a family friendly Xenforo website, and I want to block all outside links except for a defined allowed-list of domains to other family friendly websites. I know vB has this (not sure if plugin or built in), and I am a member of 2 PG rated sites that block all but specifically allowed domains/pages.

If you could do this for free, then sell it for like $10 or so per domain, I'd be fine buying it when it's completed. Otherwise, I'll just have to somehow get the vB feature/plugin ported over.


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What if I have lots of allowed domains like 15 or 20? Would it show all 15 of them or can I configure it to only show some or show none?
ATM it shows them all, but we're open for suggestions
We could create a new "help page" where the whitelist urls are listed
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Looking at my bank account to see if I can afford it. Give me a few minutes.
Edit is the license lifetime?
edit two, that would work.
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And I did enter it correctly. Hmm

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