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Add-on Email domain "whitelist" for registration

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Exote, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Exote

    Exote New Member

    Not quite sure if this is possible with the core functionality of XenForo, or if there is an existing add-on that does this. But I have been looking at the "Banned email addresses" section of the users options, which almost does what I want, however I only want people with a few email domains to be able to register.

    For example, Say I own a company and all employees are given an email address from the company domain (or a couple of domains), I would only want those employees to be able to register using those email accounts. Another example is for students who have a school email address.

    I am looking to make a community for an existing set of people who all have the same couple of email types. However I would rather not have to add them all myself, for obvious reasons.

    Is this possible for the current system? Or is there an existing/ easy to make add-on?
  2. Infuscu

    Infuscu Member

    I don't think anything exist at the moment but I'd be interested in the same functionality but just with specific usernames.
  3. Exote

    Exote New Member

    Yeah, I could see how a whitelisting for usernames could help a minecraft forum :) (assuming minecraft related by your avatar). :)
  4. Infuscu

    Infuscu Member

    Yes, exactly.

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