Does xenForo have an API?


I currently have one license for xF but i also need another one for a project of mine which is a bit more complex. I was wondering if xenForo had any Official API which would allow me to link a User Control Panel in order to keep my services all connected.

Suggestions are also greatly appreciated if there's not an API but it can be added through Addons.


As far as I am aware there is no official api but if you're wanting to link members across multiple sites there is this addon
That looks to be more like a xenForo to xenForo bridge, am i right? I'm looking more into integrating my own Control Panel (As my game server will have one) with my xenForo just like you can do with stuff like vB or SMF.

I guess xenForo doesn't have a proper one such as REST API or something like that.

Tracy Perry

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AFAIK, not built in. There was an API that could be used available in the RM at one point. Think [bd] API was one... but as for "official"... nope.