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Does Xenforo cost $140/year?

Does Xenforo cost $140/year?

Also, I'm looking at all of these add-ons that cost extra, and they also seem to cost extra per year.

This is my understanding from looking at this page - https://xenforo.com/purchase/

Xenforo - $140/year, $40 for 12 extra months (and then $140/year after that for updates?)
Branding Removal - $250 one time
Installation Service - $50 one time
XenForo Media Gallery - $60 first year, $15/year after that for updates
XenForo Resource Manager - $60 first year, $15/year after that for updates
XenForo Enhanced Search - $50 first year, $10/year after that for updates

Is this correct?

This seems like a odd way to price things out.

Why not just sell the software for $310 with all of the features included and then charge $80/year for updates?
Concerning the main Xenforo package that sells for $140 for the first year, with the 2nd year of upgrades costing $40...

What does the 3rd year of upgrades cost? Is the cost $40 for the 3rd year (and every subsequent year) or is the cost $140/year for the 3rd year (and every subsequent year) ?


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@krackato The last 3 add-ons didn't come out until after XenForo itself was launched. The installation service is necessary for some but I'd argue not most admins, especially since many people came over from vBulletin, and them making that move implies they can do the install themselves or with the help of their in-house admin. Some people care about branding removal, but most don't.

Also, you'll see that all of the major commercial forum platforms were priced similarly, pre-5.x vBulletin used to be $160 and IPB is $175. It's a relatively small pond with a few big fish and uninformed prospects or those who just want a commercial forum solution may buy heavily based on price.

So it's the way it is due to the predecessors of xF in the market, they follow a similar model.