XF 2.2 Does xenforo add 'X-Robots-Tag' noindex http header to sitemap files in certain cases?


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I'm trying to figure out why half my sitemap files have a 'X-Robots-Tag' noindex http header. Does xenforo have some functionality that controls this? I don't have anything in my cloudflare rules, no addons, nothing in templates, nothing in htaccess. The first 9 sitemaps are fine, anything 10 and above are xrobot noindex.
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It's set for every sitemap. It has no bearing on whether Google can crawl it, it just prevents it from being listed in search results (though Google is generally smart enough not to index them by itself).
yep, just trying to figure out why Google won't successfully fetch any sitemaps beyond 9. It's driving me crazy.
I've actually seen a htaccess fix for this on the forum. Let me find it.

Here you go.

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