Does this mean that has served up 1.75 million "What's New?"s ?

Digital Doctor

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I see this in the URL here right now after I have clicked What's New?
aka 1,750,127
When I hammer What's New? ... i see that the number goes up by one each time.

Q: Does this mean that has served up 1.75 million "What's New?"s ?


Hm, no it doesn't.

AFAIK that's the searchid which also gets incremented by the normal search :p => 1,75 mil searches (including normal search + what's new)


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I presume the unique URL is designed to help prevent the page from being cached?

Hopefully the numbers are being stored as an unsigned BIGINT. :D


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Does a new searchid mean a page view or are there cases where a new page view wouldn't necessarily be generated? The reason I ask is because my searchid number is higher than what Google Analytics is showing my total (site wide) pageviews to be. :confused:


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Well, one thing would be spiders hitting things like your "What's New" link. Spiders aren't going to report to Google Analytics since they (typically) don't execute JavaScript. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to block robot access to that via robots.txt