XF 1.5 Does not work convert internal links


There is a function "Convert URLS to page titles" it worked fine. The forum was connected to the proxying of traffic (change ip and DNS). Stopped working conversion of internal links. Hosting reason does not know.

What could be the problem?


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Clearly the issue is related to the changes you made to the server/hosting, so really it's something your sysadmin or host will have to investigate and resolve.

It could be a firewall or DNS issue but essentially it's not an XF issue so not something which can be resolved within the software.


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Normally, this would indicate that when the server is connecting back to itself, it's either not working or when it does the connection, it's not matching the VHost, probably because the network device it's using isn't the same that the VHost is configured for. (For example, connecting on but the VHost matches the external IP only.)