Do you use new user pms?

What I mean by this is do you have automated pm that users get helping them out? This wasn't a popular feature on older forum software (InvisionFree) but as of late it seems to be more popular. So now I do use it.
How about you? Do you use it? If so why?

Anthony Parsons

Well-known member
No. I have in the past, but essentially its the same as sticking the agree box on the registration, very few actually go read rules or such, thus they ignore the links pointing them to read anything further. Instead, they wait to get pulled up for doing something against rules, some whinge and complain because they didn't read the rules, otherwise the majority correct themselves and continue.

I honestly got tired of trying to put things under members noses when they still just ignore them. It's faster to just answer their question once posted... usually established members do that nowadays.
I have always used new member pm's and find that they work quite well. The turn over rate at which a member doesn't know somthing is pretty low.