Do you feel guilty for not following someone who is following you?


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This whole stalkers followers thing is new to me; I don't really use Facebook and only use Twitter as part of my site.

So I was wondering if anyone else feels guilty for not following someone who is following them :D

It could open up a whole new world of online paranoia :eek: ;)


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I don't know why someone should feel guilty. It's something each person is free to do.

I follow someone because I'm interested in what they do and say around the site, but they may not feel the same for me. It's just how things are, and if people feel guilty about it... I don't really know what to say to them. :)


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Its a different thing than friends or contacts. Currently there is no functionality for affirming friendship on XF.


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I have no reason to feel guilty. Why? Because no-one would follow me even if paid todo so! lol.

Anthony Parsons

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Nope... no guilt here. I would even say its not an intentional thing, but more I read something I really like from someone in succession, so I click on follow to see what other great things they may or may not have to say.


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I've forgotten what guilt feels like. *Thinks long and hard about suggesting the congo line dance feature*


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Nope, I don't feel guilty at all.
This. I don't liken "following" somebody to "befriending" somebody (as is the feature in vBulletin). It's just a tool that allows members to follow members they find interesting, or whose posts they like, or whatever other reason...


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Nah. People-centric stuff ("stalking") has never appealed to me to be honest.


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I don't feel guilty, only because I may not know who the person is at all. Once I get to know them, and see that they make meaningful contributions to threads, then I'll follow them. :)