Do not show article on the top or all pages


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My suggestion is not to show article on the top of pages 2,3,4,etc
I can understand for question thread to show the question at the top of every pages but for the article i don’t see the point,

It can be a problem with duplicate content
Imagine a long article and 20 pages of comments that say thank you
You will have 20 identic pages

So my suggestion is
1 not to show article on top of every pages
2 add an option in acp to show or not question and best answer at the top of every pages
Thank you for considering
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Is it clear how Google now views prev/next pagination? I think it's no longer used as an indexing signal but (as with canonical) I would assume it would still allow duplicate content to be understood and not penalised as such. (As with resources that show at the top of the associated discussion)

I may be wrong in which case then we need a way to stop it causing a problem

Personally I find it useful (from a user POV) that articles, questions and suggestions show on every page.
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