How do I include javascript on all pages (-ex- in the header)?


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Hi xenForo-ites!

I'm brand spanking new.

I'd like to include a javascript embed on every page of my browser.
(Kinda like Wibiya, but a different one.)

Could you let me know where I need to go in the admin interface, to insert this javascript?



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Where can additional JavaScript be placed?
Additional JavaScript can be placed in the PAGE_CONTAINER, page_container_js_head or page_container_js_body templates. If PAGE_CONTAINER is used, it can be placed anywhere in the template. If page_container_js_head is used, it will be included in the head section of PAGE_CONTAINER. If page_container_js_body is used, it will be included in the body section of PAGE_CONTAINER, after the footer. It depends on the JavaScript to a large extent; some require to be placed in the head, some in the body.