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XF 1.3 Do I have to delete all old vB paid memberships?

Discussion in 'Installation, Upgrade, and Import Support' started by Ludachris, May 21, 2014.

  1. Ludachris

    Ludachris Well-Known Member

    I still have my old vB installation accessible, just turned off for now while I transfer a few remaining things over. I changed all of the old paid memberships so that they're not recurring, but am not sure if that will affect all the existing active memberships. Do I have to do anything to those old ones in vB? I just don't want them to renew.
  2. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    They won't renew in XF.

    Recurring payments will continue to be sent until the individual users cancel them in their paypal accounts. But the payment notifications are sent to the old vB location so they won't renew in XF regardless. If you receive old recurring payments then you can manually process them in your Admin CP.
  3. Ludachris

    Ludachris Well-Known Member

    Though in order to not have to manually process them all going forward looks like I have to go into Paypal and cancel them. Cool thanks.
  4. Ludachris

    Ludachris Well-Known Member

    In vB 3.8, when viewing a user profile in ACP, you could see if a user had one or more paid subscriptions (account upgrades). I can't find a way to view this in XF. How would an admin quickly find how many account upgrades a user has (active and cancelled) and get the start and end dates for it?
  5. Ludachris

    Ludachris Well-Known Member

    Great, now I have to fix something quick for a member. I went through and manually cancelled all the old vB paid memberships through Paypal so that they wouldn't auto renew and the members would have to start new memberships in the new system. I sent an email notice to them all telling them I was doing this, that their membership would still be active until it was set to expire. But I had a member go in and sign up for a new account upgrade anyway, when he still had one active. I didn't think they could do that. I saw this and refunded/cancelled his new subscription. It ended up downgrading his status even though he had his old active paid membership.

    Now I have to manually add his account upgrade back in to align with his old expiration dates. I found it in the list of active upgrades (would be nice if there was a search or sorting feature when browsing active upgrades BTW - paging through and hitting CMD+F seems like a pretty cheesy way to search for an active account upgrade). In vB this would have taken me 2 minutes to get done because the record is listed on the user's profile and can be edited from there. I can't find a way to manually activate his account upgrade in the XF acp.

    Please help.
  6. Ludachris

    Ludachris Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and just manually added his upgraded usergroup in his profile. Hopefully when his account upgrade expires it will downgrade him like normal.
  7. shawn

    shawn Well-Known Member

    Waindigo wrote a plug-in that allows you to search active upgrades and easily change their expiration dates. Download it and install it. It's absolutely essential.

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