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Do forums benefit much with SSD on a dedicated server?

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by jonsidneyb, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering if SSD will make much of a difference on reliability and forum speed?
  2. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    "It depends".

    SSDs offer better access times in general, so if your having issues with disk I/O it will improve those... if not, the benefit will be minimal.
  3. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    Will massively boost mysql performance - rarely do queries count for more than 1-2% of my page load time
  4. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    It made a big difference to ours - but then the HDD was the bottleneck on our old server; however, as a caveat, we did get the new server stuffed with 64GB RAM (which helps too). :D
  5. Deebs

    Deebs Well-Known Member

    These comments just suck. It depends on the workload. Do not spread FUD.
  6. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    How is the above FUD? He's expressing his experience for his workload. He saw a massive improvement in mysql and now queries account for 1 -2% of his page load. What's the problem with that?
  7. Deebs

    Deebs Well-Known Member

    For a start, how can he say that "queries account for 1-2% of page load" ?
  8. cornishman

    cornishman Active Member

    Yes I saw a pretty tangible increase in performance, but disc activity was so great vs. comparatively short SSD lifespan worked out expensive...... not so much in hardware but in damned engineers fees (£120.00 just to wake the bugga up!)
  9. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    He didn't. He said:
    I don't see how this fits any definition of FUD.
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  10. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    Just going by the xenforo figures, aka <2ms for all queries, ~0.1s page load time.

    And this was the case back when my server was under decent load too (no longer hosting the site in question), 700+ queries/sec

    But you're right, obviously this is completely my experience and opinion. On the other hand, the thread has absolutely no details (ssd model? load? server specs?), so what more can I say
  11. Sway

    Sway Active Member

    What do you need 64GB ram for? o.o
  12. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    Quad Core 8 gig ram. A clean up of the server took place over the last couple of days. In fact we change servers as part of a clean up. The different sites on the server were moved with a stick to avoid anything nasty from following us to the new server. We were having some issues with lagging but that is cleaned up a bunch but we still I think have a little bit of lag. We has a problem before for sure until we cleaned up the mess.

    We will break 2000 online at a time in the late evening. We are actually growing too fast at this time.

    This is not the only site on the server but is the busiest.


    Feels like it lags a bit to me. Search is a little slow too so thinking about enhanced search.
  13. WSWD

    WSWD Well-Known Member

    As has been said, it really depends on where the bottleneck is. If you are maxing your current drive array regularly, then yes, SSD drives are going to be an immense improvement. You can try using iotop when it's busy and see what your drive usage is.

    There are only 1520-ish users online right now, but your forum is blazing fast to me. Not lagging at all on my end.
  14. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    It is faster over here on this forum. I was going to try and get it as fast as XenForo's forum.
  15. Neutral Singh

    Neutral Singh Well-Known Member

    Well, where is XenForo.com hosted? :cool:
  16. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    To reduce traffic to the SSD - caching and large /tmp RAM disk. (y)

    Oh, and the other key reason - because I could ... :LOL:
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  17. jonsidneyb

    jonsidneyb Well-Known Member

    This place is still faster than mine. :(
  18. Sway

    Sway Active Member

    Be careful with that. If your server crashes you're boned. ;)
  19. Luke F

    Luke F Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with putting /tmp in ram
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  20. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    I'm not too worried - we've got a second SSD that is rsync'd every four hours, a third (regular HDD) that is sync'd overnight, and a weekly S3 backup in case anything really terminal happens to the box.

    It stretches my budget but it also gives us the fastest cycling forum in the UK and room for plenty of growth. (y)
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