XF 1.5 Do Category Permissions Control Forums/Subforums?


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So, If I have the following set up

Category (Permission Set)
- Forum (Uses inherent)
- Sub Forum 1 (Uses inherent)
- Sub Forum 2 (Uses inherent)

Category (Permission Set)
- Forum 2 (Uses inherent)
- Sub forum 1 (Uses inherent)
- Sub Forum 2 (Uses inherent)

If I select inherent or its automatically set for the roles, will the inherent pull from the permissions set in each category?

The reason I'm asking is because I have about 100 forums & sub forums with about 3 Categories that they fall under and it would really suck if I have to set permissions for each forum/sub forum...

Hope someone can clarify.. thanks!


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If I make a category private, and set the permissions for only admins to view it.
And then I add a normal forum without any changes to the permissions.

Then post in the forum, and give the link to a guest, member, or moderator: they can't view it.

Paranoid as I am, I still tag everything that's meant to be private as private and give view permissions to the appropriate groups.
But yeah, it seems to inherit.


If they wouldn't inherit from their parent, I wouldn't know what the purpose of inherit would mean within xenforo to be honest.