XF 1.4 Displaying Threads On Main Page

Hello Everyone,

Please accept my apology if this question is either a) in the wrong forum or b) already answered somewhere else on the forums (I searched but couldn't find anything).

My question is difficult to put into words as I'm not too familiar with xenForo's terminology, so I'd like to refer to a forum as an example of what I'm looking to do: godlikeproductions.com - please excuse the vile cesspool of human filth demonstrated throughout this forum. It was the only example I could find.

I'm starting a new forum and don't want a category and forum structure, just one main forum. Over time I do plan on organizing the forum into categories and forums but in the beginning I'd like only one main forum and 15-20 threads displayed on the main page.

Thanks in advance for any help received. :)



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You can't really completely eliminate the forum list. There will still be ways to get to it and it will still be considered the "parent" page. However, you can use the "Index Page Route" option to make the "root" page be your forum.

For example, for this questions and support forum you would enter:


And that would mean that going to xenforo.com/community/ would actually show you the questions and support forum.