XF 1.4 Displaying full res images by default

We used to display full resolution attachments by default in our vBulletin install. However since we imported them into xenforo, by default they are being displayed as thumbnail.

Is there a way to disable thumbnail feature and display all the images in full resolution?

Ours is an image heavy forum and it is extremely bad for user to click on images to view them.


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Are you referring to wanting to change existing posts only? Or are you wanting to prevent people from embedding the thumbnail sized attachment (even by choice)?
@Mike I am looking to do both. We have never used thumbnails, since we have travelogues with dozens of images in each post and having thumbnails is bad for users, as they have to click to view full resolution images.


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It's not possible to prevent members from using the attach as thumbnail option.

For existing attachments you could run a query to change attach to attach=full.
UPDATE xf_post SET message = REPLACE(message,'[ATTACH]','[ATTACH=full]');
Take a database backup first, just in case of any issues.
Is there a way to display image in full resolution, if they aren't inserted inline?

I guess increasing the thumbnail size to maximum image size would be a bad idea, since it will lead to multiple copies of the same image.
Thanks @Brogan. I would really like to disable the thumbnail option if at all possible, since no one in forum likes or uses it. Even though we have single posts with over 50 high res images!


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You could edit the template to remove the insert as thumbnail option.

That wouldn't however prevent people manually using the bb code.
I doubt anyone is going to manually add it, but in any case I will let it be.

Now my main worry is to somehow display the images full resolution, if they aren't inserted into post (which majority of new members end up doing.) Thanks to you I will fix at least the already inserted ones by running MYSQL query (downloading db backup right now.)